ELEMENTS / no.30

The ELEMENTS collection is composed of a tablet rack, two cables organizers and one glasses holder. With their simple and precise shapes, these desk accessories perfectly integrate the brand’s univers and respond to a concern of functionality and timelessness. Their scale make them practical and familiar, easy to use and to appropriate. The great know-how of the company in the zinc alloy foundry offers a nice texture and density to all the family.

The cables organizers propose to arrange the cables and offer small containers to drop off office accessories like paperclips, pins… The underside rubber part allows to maintain the cables and slide them for easy use.

The tablet rack takes advantage of the density of the material. Reduced to its minimal weight, it can rack different sizes of tablets and phones, in both directions.

The glasses holder is inspired from minimal sculptures, to become an anonymous object which offers a presence with or without the glasses.

Material: zinc, rubber

Client: no.30
Date: 2019